3rd of February – Laax

I finally slept through the night last night after being awake for 20 hours the day before. Lets just say that jet lag sucks! I was in the pipe today and had a quick training session but was still feeling tired from traveling. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

View from my bed this morning


Laax Pipe

On Route Sochi, Russia

I’ve just left my base in Frisco, Colorado where I have been training for the last two and a half months. It’s been a whirl wind of emotions with a stack of competitions, trying to put the final touches on my competition run while trying to stay healthy, fit and injury free.

But all the dedication and hard work has paid off and now I’m sitting in Laax, Switzerland at the New Zealand holding camp, extremely jet lagged after arriving last night.

I will be in Laax for eleven days training and will unfortunately not be walking the opening ceremony in Russia but will walk the closing ceremony.

Women’s and mens ski halfpipe will debute at these Olympic Games in Russia with women’s ski pipe held on the 20th of February.

I’ll be posting photos regularly on my blog from Sochi, Russia so stay posted! x



I got my invite to Dew Tour about a month ago and I’m super exited to compete this Wednesday. Today was the first training day at Breckenridge Colorado and the pipe felt amazing.

This past weekend I competed in my first Northern Hemisphere event – The North Face Park and Pipe Series. I made the finals and ended up in 6th place overall.

Will update on tomorrows pipe session.

First time competing in the Dew Tour!